Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dear Blog,

I've recently been browsing the Food/bev/hosp section of craigslist, in order to aquire a third job to pay my debts. I came across a posting for CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It reminded me of the best salad that has every graced my piehole. For some reason the next time I went it was removed from the menu. WTF??? "Goolie's Limited Time Only Salad" should have been it's title. It's all I think about now, for the past five minutes. I hate them.

Love, (and hate for CPK)

You have to face things to change things.

To look younger, you have to first admit you look older, as I read on a fellow blogger's blogspace. I am starting a cycling regimen!

Weight Problems

Dear Blog,

I wish I wasn't so thin, I'm worried about how I'll survive the winter. No matter how much I eat I can't seem to keep it on. Maybe my roommates will have some advice for me.

My roomie just walked up the stairs very heavily. One of these days shes gonna break a foot.


I did kill this though. New addition to my study. Like the red? I just painted it.


Just for sport. Didn't catch anything though, because I didn't have any bait, just a hook.

What a day...

Today I was awoken by smell of crackling bacon. Then I went to the store. Then I played a game with my friend. Then I made a blog. Then I'm writing this.

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my first time. This is me. Sorry about the blurriness, but I'd like to keep my identity safe, thank you.