Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dear Blog,

I've recently been browsing the Food/bev/hosp section of craigslist, in order to aquire a third job to pay my debts. I came across a posting for CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It reminded me of the best salad that has every graced my piehole. For some reason the next time I went it was removed from the menu. WTF??? "Goolie's Limited Time Only Salad" should have been it's title. It's all I think about now, for the past five minutes. I hate them.

Love, (and hate for CPK)

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USA_Babe1776 said...

I saw that salad enter your lips and literally disgusted me forever. Hey fatty!!!!! When you are sleeping I am going to cut your whisps of hair. I'd style them, but they are not plentiful enough to justify a joke reuse.