Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Blog,

Today is the worst. I am moping so hard, I'm sulking. It must be the heat, this kinda heat makes the blood boil. My blood could poach an egg right now. Also, I'm starving. (Thank you Rose for throwing out my chips for no reason, that was so kind of you, I guess it's your way of saying I'm a fat ass). Also I'm being exiled from my own home because I smoke. I dont smoke in the house, and now I'm not allowed to smoke on the porch either. Lord send me a friend. Team tri-force seems to be crumbling due to petty arguments & lack of fun. Still have no money and owe several heaps of dollars to several people. Our neighbors are super a-holes who throw cardboard down the stairs against our door and apparently have started a fight club upstairs, because every five minutes it sounds as though someone will come crashing through our ceiling. Time for wine.


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