Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dear Blog,

I am torn. I am torn between what movie to rent at redbox tonight. Beowulf or Rent? On one hand Beowulf is a hot and sexy wolfman, but he is a little self-conscious and that is so not hot. Rent is looking to be this summer's hottest flick, although it's a little sing-songy. I do love action films though. What do you think blog? I wish you would answer me. What am I going to do? I could pick up another package of betty crocker instant cookies mix, maybe I wont burn them this time. I hate my life.

Woefully yours,


USA_Babe1776 said...

I suggest you buy a girdle and read the bible tonight. Movies are for the portly, and films are for the sophists. Buy three girdles, one for the trunk, two for the thighs.

GOOLIE said...

I actually already have a girdle for my trunk thank you v. much. I'm willing to lend it to you though as long as you promise that your skin won't weep on it.

USA_Babe1776 said...

Hey did you hear... Beowulf and Rent won six Oscars each for the soundtracks alone. I don't want your girdle, I don't even know you.

Anonymous said...

Get with the times. Spanx are the wave of the future. Furthermore, Rent! was a a big hit like five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes ago.