Thursday, June 5, 2008


Dear Blog,

Exciting Happenings! Yesterday was my day of Jury Duty. After hopefully awaiting a decision from "Her Honor" for about 5 and a half hours, I was rejected. :( It was still pretty kewl though. I wonder why I was rejected... maybe it was my uncontrollable gas outbursts in the courtroom. My dishonest mug, or my thinning hair? Who knows. I cant wait till 3 years from now when I get another chance... I don't know if I could handle another rejection like that. My room smells like Rose's feet. (FYI that is
not a good thing) OK well I need to blowdry my hair now. Time to make the money to buy the bacon to bring home to eat. I'll talk to you later, blog.


P.S. Summer Jam '08: "Low" - FloRida ft. T-Pain

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